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Gift : free Monstera's illustration

As I write these lines, I am above the clouds, the Mediterranean under our feet, after the deserts of Africa and the Nile. This view from my porthole and this blue as far as the eye can see are captivating, I would not want to go down. The holidays are over (but I intend to spam you again on Instagram ^ ^). I want to thank you for the welcome you have given to our small videos on Mauritius (if you have not seen them yet, do not hesitate to come and see on Instagram or youtube, we will post other !) We had fun to shoot these videos, the idea was to let you share our feelings at different times of our journey in a very short format. Mauritius is a country in contrast, there are things I liked and others less, but I hope to have the opportunity to develop a little more all this here.

It is therefore the hard return to Paris that awaits me ... After vacation, it is always the occasion for good resolutions and reorganization. A few months ago, you had pleased Instagram this illustration of Monstera done in watercolor. I promised to offer it to you as a free download. So here it is! It will be my little gift back to school. And then, as I was talking about reorganization, I also propose a week to plan your tasks for the week. I hope you like it, do not hesitate to tell me if you would like to see the illustration (or others) applied to other supports!
I go back to porthole to enjoy before the descent :)
Good week to you all

To download the illustration, click on the picture to display it in full size. Then, right click and "save as" on your computer. Open it and print it !

Same thing, click on the picture and download it on your computer to print it.


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Anne 22/11/2016, 11:11

Elle est superbe, merci beaucoup!

Noix de Déco 22/11/2016, 14:11

Merci pour l'illustration ! Elle est superbe :)

CocoFlower 22/11/2016, 19:11

Elles sont superbes ces aquarelles, bravo

Marion 23/11/2016, 18:11

Top, merci !

Mythily GeeketteCuisine 23/12/2016, 13:12

Génial et merci pour cette illustration ! Elle est magnifique et sera top pour mon salon, en attendant de recevoir la vraie Monstera ;)

Bonnes fêtes !

Florence 14/09/2017, 21:09

C'est vraiment magnifique, c'est un régal pour les yeux.
Merci pour ce magnifique cadeau.

Lo Mac Gaw 09/03/2018, 14:03

Bravo pour cette illustration tout en délicatesse comme toujours ! Cela me donne envie de me mettre à l'aquarelle mais je n'ai absolument aucune notion dans ce domaine... Pourriez vous envisager un article à ce sujet à propos du matériel que vous utilisez ou des bases pour commencer ?



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